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BIM is sharing knowledge

One of the main items of the work method Building Information Modelling (BIM) is cooperation and especially the improvement of this cooperation. This way we can avoid miscommunication and ensure for a better end product. Therefore, it is important that we do not hold back in sharing knowledge and experience but that we (dare to) share this. And indeed the sharing of knowledge it still not done enough in my eyes.

The sharing of knowledge is precisely what I am occupied with every day. I am Manon Grobben, Business Unit Manage of the BIM Academy at BIM4ALL.

Our Academy consists mainly of two pillars, namely BIM Consultancy, where we are mainly occupied with the implementation of BIM at companies, and BIM training courses. Here we train BIM specialists in various levels, in both hard & soft skills in terms of BIM. In this blog I would like to share the knowledge that I obtain during these work activities in terms of soft skills.

We often hear from the market that we are the leaders in terms of BIM. By sharing this knowledge within our BIM Academy we give some of this lead away. But we do this consciously as by sharing knowledge we also get much knowledge and experience from the market in return. So, we can improve our services and products. And this offers added value to both parties. 

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Why is there no sharing?

Each company possesses valuable knowledge, knowledge that currently cannot be shared with other parties. But why not? Companies are afraid that by sharing knowledge they lose their own share in the market. After all, others are now able to perform the same, or not? But what is the chance really that another party wants to do exactly the same as you? By telling about your knowledge and by showing what excels you, others will see you as an authority in this field. So, they will definitely grant you work. Plus, a bit of competition ensures that you continue to develop yourself, to retain and to reinforce your position; new developments that put you in the lead, even when you share this knowledge.

Create support

Knowledge sharing ensures that support is creates. Without support, and definitely without knowledge, it is not possible to work as a complete sector with BIM. In practice I see that there is a will to work with BIM but that the implementation is not going well as the knowledge is not present. It seems clear to me that BIM can never be a worldwide success if half the parties cannot follow because we do not share or are afraid to share knowledge.

The bigger the support, the bigger the chance that BIM is used by every party and eventually nobody wants to ignore BIM.

Share your knowledge!
By sharing your knowledge with other parties, we ensure together that BIM has a wide support. Your own position in the market is reinforced, the cost price is reduced as processes are improved and the cooperation is optimised. It is my opinion that these latter two are the main advantages of BIM.

Without sharing knowledge you will stay behind compared to others and finally you will lose your position. So it does not matter how much money you spend on working with BIM, but how many people use it in your organisation; it matters that there is a will to start to work with BIM.

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Manon Grobben

Manon Grobben