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New building Geldershuis in Arnhem

On behalf of our permanent contractor, the construction company Wessels from Rijssen (NL), we have developed the 3D BIM-model for the new building 'Geldershuis' in Arnhem (NL). Beside the modeling, we have also provide the BIM-management on the project. 

The builder is part of the cooperation in Domu Nova, which has received this beautiful assignment from the Province of Gelderland (NL). 

  • Project year: 2017
  • Client: Constructon company Wessels Rijssen B.V.
  • Kind of service: BIM-Modeling and BIM-Management

The property offers accommodation to the directors of the Province of Gelderland. They have commissioned the development of this project from there desire of modern and sustainable housing. The strength of the design is a result of the utilization of the valuable cultural-historical aspects of the city Hall and its architectural translation to the 21st century. The province chooses a sustainable, energy efficient and effective housing. The new space will meet the modern demands of energy use, safety and technology. By keeping in mind the future maintenance and innovative application of modern materials in the design phase, maintenance costs are kept as low as possible.

Geldershuis Arhem 6
Geldershuis Arhem 7
Geldershuis Arhem 8
Geldershuis Arhem 5
Geldershuis Arhem 4
Geldershuis Arhem 3
Geldershuis Arhem 2
Geldershuis Arhem 1