Building value


Would you like to renovate, extend or rebuild your existing building from an accurate base? We gladly assist you further with our 3D-Laserscans. Our 3D scanners quickly and accurately visualise existing buildings and objects. The pointcloud of millions of points as a result of this, is the base for us to create an ‘as-built’ 3D model. Therefore, you are never faced with dimension surprises again during the design, realisation and management & maintenance stages.

  • Avoid dimensional deviations
  • Save time
  • Precision up to 2 millimetres
  • Extreme detailed BIM-model

An accurate ‘as-built’ 3D-model

Your own contact person at BIM4ALL will arrange everything for you regarding the 3D-Laserscan:

  • he does the intake with you to discuss the specifications and expectations of the assignment;
  • he checks if all necessary information is present;
  • he organises the deployment of 3D scanners for the building or object;
  • he delivers an ‘as-built’ model that serves as accurate principle for a new design or revision document.

The speed and accuracy of the 3D-Laserscan ensures that you gain time and that you can rely on accurate data.

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The benefits of digital survey


Saving time and the assurance of accurate data when it concerns an existing building or object.


All information is quickly provided and accurate to the millimeter, which saves you time and helps to avoid construction errors.


The point cloud that we provide contains millions of points with a deviation of maximum two millimeters. So, extremely detailed.


You receive a fully elaborated ‘as-built’ 3D BIM model, which saves you a lot of money in the follow-up process.


Measure your building quick and accurate, with a 3D-Laserscan.

With our 3D laser scanners we accurately show your existing buildings and objects. Several scans are made. These are linked to each other and a complete point cloud is created of your building or object. You can read how we do this in this blog.

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