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BIM-Implementation & -Advice

Do you want to apply BIM within your business processes but you are not sure where to start?

We gladly assist you with this by providing the BIM-Implementation & -Advice for you. From the assessment stage, where we research your objectives, people and means, to the standardisation and training. You can also come to us for support during the elaboration of your first BIM project. 

  • Concrete and customised
  • Clear insight
  • Setting of standards
  • We keep it practical
Advice specifically for your situation

Advice specifically for your situation

Your regular contact person at BIM4ALL is your own BIM consultant, who helps you further with:

  • a Plan of Approach that is customised for your company.
  • development of the BIM objectives for short, medium and long term.
  • setting up of standards and the training courses for your personnel in working with BIM.
  • Giving advice and support to you and your colleagues while you make a start yourself with BIM.
  • Keeping the knowledge within your company up to date.

New employees of the company will be trained by us after the implementation thanks to your own BIM-Training & -Educations, so they can quickly participate in your process. 


A quick and practical start with BIM

You probably already heard a lot about the opportunities and added value that BIM can offer your organisation. But how do you handle this and what to pay attention to? BIM4ALL has developed a pragmatic implementation method to help your company get started.

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Implementation Ter Steege Groep B.V., Rijssen (NL)


Implementation Ter Steege Groep B.V., Rijssen (NL)

For the Ter Steege Groep, Rijssen (NL), we have provided the BIM-implementation for all of its offices. The implementation consisted of setting up an intelligent 3D BIM-Model of its standard house design, called "Leef!Wel concept" 

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We have the following clients, among others:

Voortman Steel Group
Winkels Techniek