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Tender Consulting

You want to distinguish yourself with a tender compared to the competition. We understand that like no other. Plus, we know exactly how we can assist you with this. By deploying various interactive 3D-techniques, we make your presentation clearer and we respond to the experience of the assessors. Thanks to our unique tools you will get more out of the tenders in which you participate. 

  • Higher success rate
  • Focus on the experience
  • Chronological presentations
  • Distinguish yourself

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 Collaborate to achieve the maximum score

Collaborate to achieve the maximum score

As equal partner, we like to be part of your project team. We help you further in various ways:

  • During the tender stage, we support you in making a Plan of Approach and presentation.
  • We use various tools to highlight your added value.
  • We focus on adding the experience, this increases your success rate.
  • When awarded, we integrally manage and engineer the 3D BIM model, so you can fulfil the made promises.

By following our proven successful method, you can start the tender process with full confidence, together with BIM4ALL.


Building is an experience

Often only the technique is discussed, but this will not convince your client. Choices are made based on emotion. Therefore, add experience to your plan and involve your customer in your story. This way you will ensure that your added value becomes clear and that your story is correctly interpreted by your client.

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We have the following clients, among others:

Nijhuis Bouw
Aan De Stegge Goor