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Your construction projects can be designed, realised and managed quicker, smarter and better. We like to assist you with this. By developing integral 3D BIM models for the housing construction, utility construction and infra sector. From preliminary design to the management and maintenance we are there for you. We arrange everything, while in the meantime we optimise the process, reduce (failure) costs and improve the quality.  

  • Lower (failure) costs
  • Clear communication
  • Leading
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Complete arrangement

As soon as the architect has made the preliminary design or sketch, BIM4ALL further develops the following for you:

  • We develop a 3D BIM model architectural, installation-technical and structural;
  • We develop 3D BIM models from design (LOD 100) to management and maintenance (LOD 500);
  • Based on the 3D BIM models we can make a simulation of the planning and budget, among other things;
  • Thanks to smart links from the 3D model we can exchange information even smarter and better. 

Would you like to know how we can develop integral 3D BIM models for your so you save costs and increase the quality of the construction process? We like to tell you all about the possibilities.

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We like to take on the challenge with you! The possibilities of BIM are endless. For example, the links with the internet or Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) or linking the 3D BIM model to the production. Together with you we like to search for solutions for your organisation in order to optimise your process, to reduce costs and to improve the quality. Are you ready for the challenge?

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New construction De Spoorburght at Rijssen (NL)


New construction De Spoorburght at Rijssen (NL)

At the stationsplein in the centre of Rijssen the project “De Spoorburght” is realised by Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed Rijssen B.V. The stately building contains apartments and a plinth of commercial spaces.

The name of the building refers to the location at the rail track and the protection it offers its residents by the robustness of the design. The architecture is urban on the one hand and still kept low scale. A real asset for Rijssen, as eye catcher on the stationsplein. 

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We have the following clients, among others:

Roosdom Tijhuis
Van Dam
Ter Steege